Sequoyah County Clerk's Office

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Julie Haywood
120 E. Chickasaw
Sallisaw, OK 74955
Hours: Monday - Friday
8 AM - 4 PM
Phone: (918) 775-4516
Fax: (918) 775-1218

Sequoyah County Clerk's Office

The County Clerk's office was established by the Oklahoma Constitution and is governed by Oklahoma Statutes.

Duties & Responsibilities

County Recorder - the County Clerk serves as record keeper for the County. All documents relating to real estate i.e. deeds, mortgages, mineral interests, plats, liens, judgments as well as State and Federal tax liens and military discharge records. The Clerk's office receives, records, and preserves these records, indefinitely, both in the office and electronically. In 2019 the County Clerk's Office recorded 8,180 documents.

County Payroll - the County Clerk is responsible for the administration of payroll for approximately 165 County employees, their benefits, and filing all federal and state reports.

Financial Administration - the County Clerk maintains all financial records and ledgers for all county accounts. In addition, these 28 accounts are balanced monthly with the County Treasurer.

County Purchasing Agent - the County Clerk is responsible for encumbering, auditing and paying all County purchase orders for materials and services. In 2019 we processed 5,225 purchase orders and issued 7,595 warrants for payment.

Secretary - the County Clerk is also the secretary for several boards including the Board of County Commissioners, Excise/Equalization Board, and Tax Roll Correction Board.

julie haywood countyclerk

Julie Haywood - County Clerk

I have served as your County Clerk since 2013 and consider it a great privilege. I, as well as my staff, are here to serve you, the citizens of Sequoyah County in a respectful and professional manner. It is our mission to provide exceptional customer service in a timely manner with accuracy and efficiency.

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve as your County Clerk.

Helpful Links and Information

Land Records

The Sequoyah County Clerk provides online access to land records dating back to 1968. All land records prior to 1968 are available for public viewing in the county clerk's office.

Search Online Land Records

As register of deeds, numerous private and public legal documents are recorded and filed in the county clerk's office by public officials, businesses and individuals

1 For recording the first page of deeds, mortgages and any other instruments. (Includes preservation fee)$8.00 + $10.00
2For recording each additional page of same instrument$2.00
3For furnishing hard copies of microfilmed records to bonded abstractors only, per page$1.00
4For furnishing photographic copies of photographic records, or of typewritten script or printed records, per page$1.00
5For recording plat of one block or less$10.00
6For recording plat of more than one block$25.00
7For certifying to any copy per page$1.00
8For recording an assignment of Tax Sale Certificate to be paid by the party purchasing$5.00
9For recording of any mark or brand and giving certificate for same$5.00
10For recording each certificate for estrays and forwarding description of same, as required by law$1.00
11aFor recording and filing of mechanics' or materialmen's liens which includes the release thereof$10.00
11bFor preparing and mailing notice of mechanics' or materialmen's lien$8.00
11cFor each additional page or exhibit$2.00
12For recording and filing of fictitious name partnership certificates$5.00
13For recording the first page of deeds, mortgages, and any other instruments which are nonconforming$25.00
14For recording each additional page of an instrument which is nonconforming$10.00

The prices listed are for estimating your costs. Please contact the county clerk's office for final pricing. See Oklahoma Statute Title 28 Section 32 for additional details.

For the purpose of preserving, maintaining, and archiving recorded instruments including, but not limited to, records management, records preservation, automation, modernization, and related lawful expenditures, in addition to all other fees required by law, the county clerk shall collect $10.00 for each instrument recorded with the Registrar of Deeds.

The tax shall be prorated at the rate of $0.75 for each $500.00 of the consideration or any fractional part thereof. See Oklahoma Statute Title 68 Section 3201 for additional details.

Audits/Financial Reports

Purchases, rentals, lease purchase agreements and repairs paid from county funds are processed and made through the county clerk's office. The county clerk, or one's designated deputy, serves as the purchasing agent for the county. By centralizing the county purchases within the county clerk's office, the county officers can rely on the purchasing agent to find the best buys available. This system is a means to ensure the public that tax dollars are being spent appropriately, through a regulated, systematic process.

In budget board counties, the budget board has the authority to retain the purchasing arrangement described here or it has the authority to appoint a different officer and purchasing agent to perform county purchasing functions.

Purchasing Agent Tiffany Witworth - (918) 775-4516